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Well Hello Spring...

It's hard not to get excited at the arrival of spring. Lighter mornings and brighter weather are sure to put a smile on your smug little face. For those of us in the Northern hemisphere today is finally, officially, the first day of spring! Cue the trumpets...

Without going all scientific on yo', we are currently in equal measures of night and day. After today, known as the vernal (spring) equinox (equal night), the days will become longer and the nights will become shorter. This will continue until June 21st being the summer solstice where the cycle then turns against us.

How to celebrate bring some spring into your home? Seasonal flowers that are now available in abundance should do it. Some to watch out for; Ranunculus (petals a plenty), Anemones (brightly coloured flat flowers), Tulips (need we say more), Hyacinth (oh smell divine) and of course a firm fave, Daffs. Interesting fact alert - although from the same family, anemones are not poppies despite what you read on Pinterest!

...flower sioux floral suggestion!...

Typically, Springtime flowers tend to be quite short in the stem so why not try some contrasting colours to pack a punch to your arrangements without the height? Yellow and red, green and orange, orange and violet.

A few pics to bring you up to speed on the last few weeks of spring walks / jogs / Sioux Phillips Floral Design team building.

There's colours coming through in nature, SPFD staff, oh and a chicken.


Warmest of spring wishes x

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