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2017-You are up!

Exit 2016 - over and out...

Nice to meet you, I'm Sioux - floral designer here at Sioux Phillips Floral Design. Meet my sidekicks; Scott - installation pro and all round helpy - helperton - maintenance guy, and Piper - my running partner in the woods when out foraging for pine-cones or jogging wherever we can for head-space. They both keep me sane :)

With the hustling festive season now a distant memory, the first few 2017 weddings already under our belt and the frost laden mornings almost through, it's time to reflect, evaluate and plan ahead. ​Last year we made big plans, and have far exceeded our expectations. This year the plan is to go even bigger...with even more flowers! Can I make another list yet?!

December 16

We closed the year with a foliage-heavy, white flowered wedding. Stunningly traditional and 'oh-so' sophisticated. Once professional shots have been edited I will send them this way. Just so you know - I am slowly improving at taking photos of arrangements before they leave the studio and so further pics to follow in the future!

January 17

This was followed by a mink, mocha and berry themed wedding - I am currently waiting for professional photos to come back from this so watch this space (see above for a sneaky-peek). Further blogging to come on this...

February 17

Valentine's Day laid in wait and held us in it's grasp for a while. We received some fantastic feedback from our Colombian high grade 'Freedom' roses. They are not only big and long, beautiful and long-lasting, but all round more reliable to grow, so i've heard and so slightly cheaper than the Dutch we usually buy. For our customers, this meant that 2016 prices held up for this year.

March 17

Spring is finally almost here, Mother's Day just around the corner and our wedding fair preparation well underway, we have lots to be getting on with here.

Now where's Pipes? - I need inspiration - to the woods!

Thanks for reading!

Sioux x

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